We are a small company with roots in applied academic research and an ambition to develop several game-changing products for Bioinformatics, Clinical Intelligence and other applications where there is a need in efficient information processing. To bootstrap the product development, we offer consulting on the following topics:

  • Semantic technologies in general and specifically for Bioinfomatics and Clinical Intelligence
  • Semantic data federation, especially for Bioinfomatics and Clinical Intelligence
  • Semantic Web services, especially SADI
  • Text mining for Bioinfomatics, especially genomics, and Clinical Intelligence
  • Semantic Databases and semantic querying of Relational Databases
  • Automated reasoning in application to semantic technologies

We would like to hear from potential investors and/or technology partners.

News and announcements

  • June 2014. IPSNP has successfully completed a $158K IRAP-funded project and prototyped an intelligent self-service query composition GUI for HYDRA (some screenshots can be seen in these Clinical Intelligence pitch slides).
  • Aug 30, 2013. HYDRA development team reaches another milestone: alpha version of the query engine is finalised.