Web-scale Semantic Federation of Data and Algorithmic Resources with SADI Semantic Web Services

We are developing a game-changing technology for Web-wide federated querying of heterogeneous online resources, such as databases and algorithms. The Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration (SADI) framework lays out a foundation for such a technology by defining a set of requirements on Web services that facilitate completely automatic discovery, composition and invocation of services. The main technical goal of our project is to implement an engine for querying SADI services.

The technology can be productized primarily as end-user tools enabling non-technical users to run queries over large networks of SADI services. It can also commercialised in the form of libraries for OEM licensing. Initially, we will target the Bioinformatics and Clinical Intelligence applications, where there is the most prominent need in agile data federation and semantic querying, although, in general, the technology is applicable in numerous other data and resource integration scenarios.

Pitch slides from The New Brunswick Innovation Forum 2011.

Pitch abstract from Medicine 2.0